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Baltimore Album Quilt

About 1850

Quiltmaker Unknown

84 in. W x 83 in. L; 18 in. square blocks
8-12 stitches per inch

Loan courtesy of private collection


Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland


This album features colorful florals and animals resembling those found in German folk arts. These lively, bold squares reflect Baltimore’s multi-ethnic population at mid-century. Several quilts of a similar style were owned by Jewish women in the city, but their role in the process is still being researched.


This quilt’s history is uncertain. A quilt with many similar blocks was made by Rachel Meyer Walter of Baltimore. However, whether she was involved with this quilt, or whether these blocks were available commercially as numerous other Baltimore album blocks were, is not known.


Solid cottons, silk taffeta and twilled silk brocade, silk and wool embroidery; cotton filling and backing; cotton tape binding

Silk, seldom used in Album quilts, appears in the sidesaddle rider’s dress and bonnet and a few other places (look for black taffeta on a bird). Silk embroidery is used to add fine details and outline the appliqués. Wool embroidery is used for bolder effects.